Heart or Brain?

Have you ever felt real love? That’s a big question. Well, a few days ago I went on a date with a boy that I always liked. I knew him for two years, than he asked me to hang out with him. All of my friends think that it’s beautiful, because maybe we’ll have a love story. The big big problem is that: now that all could be perfect, I’m not sure that I really want something that goes over friendship. Another problem is that he’s one of my classmates…I really don’t know if it’s a good thing. There are also other two problems: my mom doesn’t want me to have a boyfriend now and…he is my best friend! What should I do? I have to listen to my heart or to my brain?



Cool deskmates!

Have you ever thought about what are for you your deskmates? Mines are really strange. Well, they both like Bob Marley and loves to have joints. Wait! You don’t have to think that they are horrible or dreadful, because they are really nice, funny but a little bit mindless. I never get bored with them! The only problem with them is that they don’t do nothing all the time! They only copy my homework and  talk about stupid things. What about yours? Are they clever or stupid? Smart or dumb? Funny or boring? Tell me!

Well now I have to study because tomorrow I have an important test!

Bye bye!


Dull week-ends

Today’s gonna a be a boring day. It’s a beautiful day here and, while all my friends are out, I have to stay at home because I have tons of homeworks. Well, at least I have enough time to write something here, guys! The thing that really makes me angry is that I expected the whole week to have a nice week-end, but now I can’t enjoy it! That’s really lame. Do you ever had an horrible week-end?  Tell me!  The most exciting thing I ever did in this two days is watching ‘Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, part 2’. Don’t misunderstand me guys, I am a potterhead, but sometimes I really need to go out with a human person, not to drool all over my favourite pillow thinking about how much is handsome and cool Draco Malfoy! (He is really handsome, even if you are a boy I know you’ll kiss him too). Well, now it’s time for me to go back to my homeworks, or I’ll never finish them!

Bye bye 🙂


Books Day!

Today is Books Day on my blog, so I’ll recommend you something good to read. On this first books day I’ll talk about one of my favourite: “Wuthering Heights”. It’s a timeless classic of the english literature. It talks about love, jealousy, revenge and friendship. It’s a little bit difficult at the beginning to understand what it’s happening, but if you keep calm and go on reading the second chapter, you’ll understand almost all. The main characters are Heathcliff and Catherine and all the story is told by Nelly, the housekeeper, to Mr. Lockwood. If you like literature, love, intrigue and mysteries, you’ll surely adore this well-written book by Emily Bronte.

Cordelia wuthering-heights

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi guys!

I’m so happy to say that this is my blog! I’m Cordelia (obviously this isn’t my real name) and you can ask me whatever you want in the comments below 🙂 I’m a teenager, but this blog won’t be the classical, boring tv-teen-drama blog about all my boyfriends, my family or how I lost my verginity. This page is gonna be a place where I’ll share opinion about books, tv, music… I’ll give you some advices about whatever will pass through my mind, and maybe one day I’ll tell you about my boyfriends. Maybe. Whatever, I opened this blog because I always wanted one and now I’m feeling really happy because I made one of my dreams come true. This is my first advice, babes: NEVER GIVE UP! FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS!